Talk about the wire in ten fever metaphysics

Generally speaking, not after a period of time will be someone fever in the world of the ten metaphysics out of a slapstick criticism. Add ourselves also did a lot of wire, discuss wire so it is a pretty embarrassing thing.

Nevertheless, always somebody asks the thing of wire, we still have a chat again will talk about the action of wire from technical Angle had been good. Remember, this is not Amway, you are all adults, you need to be able to think and see for yourself. Don't listen to the wind as rain.

Above all, the feverish line that we say commonly (look cool namely, buy all sorts of power cord that painful does not want, signal line, earphone line, USB line, fiber line) with common wire have what to differ?

1, fever line generally used a better plug socket.

Here I will not talk about what mysterious things, high quality metal plug sockets, are generally gold plated, or even rhodium plated. On the one hand, reliable connection can be guaranteed. On the other hand, you can ensure that the connector of the plug/socket will not be bad contact or excessive contact resistance due to the oxidation of the metal surface for a long time.

Of course, high-quality metal plugs are generally expensive. If it is the Hi-end brand, just the plug will cost several hundred yuan. So, do not see expensive wire to take out a criticism. That's not right.

2, have a fever wire used better line base material commonly

For example, pCOCC-A single crystal copper, such as gold and silver wire, such as copper plated silver wire, such as 7N copper wire, such as single crystal silver wire. There are even wires placed in extreme low temperatures to be frozen.

Want to cent 2 kinds of circumstance here, one kind is the change of measurable impedance, because the material that has a fever line is qualitative better, wire diameter is thicker, compare with common wire so, wire impedance is obvious low. This is not much to expand, we generally see that the fever line is generally much thicker. For example:

Just for illustration

Another kind of circumstance is the improvement on wire microcosmic level, for instance single crystal copper is a kind, common copper wire exists a lot of crystal knot, and single crystal copper can be regarded as a crystal. OK, this is a little tricky, so in human terms, single crystal copper is a giant diamond. And ordinary copper is like a million broken diamonds.

So, if you don't care about single crystal copper, at least you know about a broken diamond and a big diamond.

Feiao L16/L17 uses single crystal copper plated silver wire base

The other thing that is certainly vulnerable to criticism is freezing, which sounds ridiculous. How to freeze the sound quality is good? Well, we all know that there is a process called "annealing" in metal working. In fact, a sharp change in temperature can have a great effect on the arrangement of metal crystals. So, freezing at minus 100 degrees can change the arrangement of crystals inside copper wires. Plus, most people don't have this condition to go cold, so good or bad, at least it's expensive. If you open your mind a little bit, you'll have better sound quality.

In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there was a famous sword called Moye. It was only when the framer threw himself into it during the annealing process that he got a famous sword.

3, have a fever wire used special structure and braid craft commonly.

This is generally done to reduce high-frequency signal loss (see skin effect) and to reduce coupling between wires, distributed capacitance, etc. If it is a signal line, it also involves the design of shielding.

Specially woven wire

Of course, also somebody can think this is metaphysics, so see coaxis, is the structure different with common wire? These are actually scientifically based and testable differences in signal transmission.

Wire structure of various special structures

Therefore, from the above points of analysis. Fever wire does technically support: relatively ordinary wire, there are measurable changes in a variety of performance parameters, including but not limited to:

A, resistance value; B, capacitance value, c, inductance value.

If you go to the micro level, you can also use an electron microscope to see the difference in materials.

So, since the fever line is effective, why don't fly proud to publicize the role of flying proud wire. This raises two important questions.

A, although fever wire has measurable parameter difference compared to ordinary wire. But the difference is relatively small. For most ordinary users, there is no long-term listening experience or training. They would not be able to distinguish the change in the sound of the wire.

B, the change on wire parameter, it is positive or negative to the action of sound quality, it is uncertain to go up to each user specifically. Advocate subjective sound quality excessively, unavoidably can be attacked by user. In theory, for the individual user, truth is the ear in his head, he says good is good, he says bad is bad.

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